Sunday, 23 December 2012

Play New Ghostbusters Slot At Betfred Casino

Wilds, multipliers, bonus rounds, high payouts and superb animations make up the new Ghostbusers slot at Betfred casino online.

The 1984 supernatural comedy, Ghostbusters is considered one of the best movies of all times. Now the magic and fun of this movie are brought to life in the brand new video slot game rolled out at Betfred casino online.

Ghostbusters video slot debuted at Betfred this week, and already players are raving about the superb entertainment and reward features of the game. For starters, players can enjoy the chance to win up to £250,000 in this extraordinary game, which should be reason enough to try it out.

The graphics and animations of Ghostbusters video slot are second to none, and see the incorporation of original video clip and symbol animations across the 30 pay lines of the game. Players can enjoy comfortable wagering limits, with coin values from 1 p to £30.

Ghostbusters boasts two bonus rounds, four mystery features, video sequences, stacked wilds and more. There are bonuses galore in the video slot game, and the chance to uncover up to six ghosts hiding around the room to win top awards with random multipliers.

Ghostbuster’s Stay Puft free spins bonus is based on one of the most memorable moments of the original film, and is just one example of how successfully the fun of the 1984 movie has been encapsulated in this game.

Players can use a range of promotions available at Betfred casino to try out the new game today.

Enjoy The Christmas Casino Bonus Promotions Spirit At CasinoClub Online

Wherever you look at CasinoClub online this month, you’ll find fantastic casino bonus promotions including cash prizes, free spins, luxury vacations and endless casino bonuses.

Christmas Casino Bonus Promotions
If you’re looking for an online casino which definitely encapsulates the spirit of giving this Christmas, look no further than CasinoClub. The site has rolled out a virtual feast for players to not only enjoy top casino games, but also to put themselves in line to win all casino bonuses with multiple prizes along the way.

Feel like sailing off into the New Year aboard a luxury cruise ship to the Far East for 15 days with a friend? Then enter the CasinoClub Cruise Raffle and start playing the games at the site to earn yourself tickets into the draw before the end of December.

The Christmas fun continues with a special offer of free spins on popular slot games at CasinoClub for real money winnings and no deposit needed. Up to 550 free spins can be yours this month and it’s worth checking out the schedule at the site to see how to get your hands on them.

Remain logged in and you could find yourself one of ten daily winners of €100 cash prizes each, every day until Christmas. With a total prize pool of €24,000 in the Cash Christmas Raffle, you may be enjoying some extra dough to spend during the holiday season.

Start accumulating comp points from December 17th and you’ll be scurrying up the leader board in the Cash Money Race at CasinoClub online to get your hands on a share of the €162,000 prize pool.  The top 1,000 players will each be awarded cash prizes on January 1st.
Merry X-mas!

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Betfred Casino Offers Mafia Slot The Sopranos

The Sopranos Slot
Betfred Casino is here with a great new slot game, which is sure to keep you at the edge of your seat throughout! Not only does this Sopranos TV show based game provide entertainment, it also provides a great number of rewards.

The TV show has run for six seasons with over ninety episodes. It has also won a number of rewards. Based on this TV show, the 5 reel and 25 pay line slot game has a lot to offer to its players besides entertainment and loads of fun.

The new slot game the Sopranos was released this week and is open for anyone who is interested in winning and having fun.

"We’re not yankin’ your chain, these gangster-worthy riches could be yours - and you don’t have to whack anyone to get them!" notes Betfred Casino to players as it introduces the game, as well as the £500,000 jackpot up for grabs for lucky winners.

The Sopranos slots machine is different in many ways. For one, there is the real footage to enjoy. This contains all the characters from the TV show including the boss himself, Tony Soprano. The new slot game also boasts of a number of bonus features. Through these bonus features, you can win about 300 free spins with ease. There are also three captivating bonus rounds.

Go ahead and play this exciting game when you next visit Betfred Casino. Grab the unique chance of being a part of the show!

Sunday, 30 September 2012

Virgin Mobile Casino Has Proudly Released New Game

Virgin mobile casino has proudly released new game to be the first gambling group to offer Cats slot game on the mobile front. IGT’s popular Cats mobile slot machine has been launched on the mobile platform for the first time.

Virgin mobile casino is the first to offer this game. The slot game boasts of beautiful graphics, which have been carried onto the mobile version too without any compromise whatsoever. The 30-pay line, 5-reel slot is all set to take mobile wagering fan, especially those preferring slot machines, by storm.

There is no change in the great payouts either. You can win the 10,000 credits payout if you get five wild symbols. The scatter symbol, paw, gives 10 free spins. Thus you can, not just play to win but also play for pleasure at the same time.

“We are thrilled to be the first mobile casino to offer this fantastic game,” said Warren Eloff, speaking for Virgin Game about the addition of Cats to Virgin mobile casino. “Cats has been hugely popular as a web based slot so we anticipate our mobile customers will be delighted to have the opportunity to play this Vegas classic on the move.”

The mobile network may be new for the Cats slot game, but online gamblers are well aware of this spectacular gambling title by ITC. The floors of Vegas and the online gamblers, are both familiar with this fantastic slot machine because it is so popular and rewarding. Earlier, IGT had launched Da Vinci Diamonds and Cleopatra slot games on Virgin mobile casino platform. Cats is the third slot to be released thus. You can enjoy this newly released slot game along with many offered by Microgaming on Virgin mobile casino.

Monday, 24 September 2012

Da Vinci Diamonds Mobile Slots On Betfred Mobile Now

Da Vinci Diamonds Mobile Slots
Betfred mobile has a brand new slot to offer to its customers. It comes with an awesome promotion that you can’t say no to!

Da Vinci Diamonds slot game already has a number of fans on Betfred. If you are among those who already know about the game, you will be thrilled to discover that the mobile version is now available. If you are not familiar with the game though, you can test the game through its amazing Betfred mobile casino promotion in order to understand how great the recently launched slot machine is.

Da Vinci Diamonds is definitely a treat to the eyes because it has a very glittering theme with emeralds, rubies, and diamonds, along with portraits to remind you of Italy. Three bonus symbols on the first three paylines will give mobile betting fans free spins. Every bettor has the chance of winning up to 300 free spins during the game.

This new gambling title is ideal among numerous mobile casino games for both, high lowers and low rollers because the wagering limit is very flexible. You can wager just one £1 for a payline or £100 for the entire game. The mobile casino games creators has also set up a jackpot where a huge £250,000 is on offer and if you are lucky, you may just be the winner!

All you need to do to enjoy the new creature of Play Tech mobile casino games developer, register an account at the house to enjoy all benefits on offer. Besides, you will be able to avail the mobile version of the game immediately.

Friday, 25 May 2012

Mobile Casino Games For Easy Availing Mobile Betting

Mobile Casino Games
Throughout the years, mobile casino games have started to gain popularity all over the world. Not only does it presents entertainment to players through colorful and vivid graphics as you play, but the biggest advantage it gives is that is it spares a player from the costs and hassles of travelling to Las Vegas or to a nearby casino just to play poker, black jack, 21, roulette, craps and others. With mobile casino games, you have the freedom and convenience of playing anywhere you like and at any time that you are free or have nothing to do. It allows you to do away with boredom all the while challenging yourself to win a game.

There are a lot of reasons why you should start playing and betting on mobile casino games. And some of them are as follows:

Mobile Casino Games Free And Easy Wagering
There are absolutely no risks in trying out wagering on the go those new fantastic games. You can play non-stop and as long as you want until you get the hang of things. If you are tired of playing just for fun, then you also have the choice of playing for real money.

Mobile Betting Convenience And Freedom
Definitely, you cannot bring your laptop or desktop computer anywhere you want. You cannot bring it or play online gambling games while you are strolling at the mall. However, with mobile casinos, you have the convenience of bringing your phone everywhere since it is relatively small and fits in your pocket.

Win Money For Real!
As it has been mentioned above, aside from playing safely on a "fun mode" you can also activate the "play for real" mode when getting tired or just playing for nothing. If you are a mobile betting gamer at heart, then you will definitely like this option. With mobile casinos, real money is at stake and the opportunity of beating your casino is just priceless! Instant money is delivered and deposited right into your bank account!

Play Better
If you are playing in a real gambling house and you are starting to lose some significant money, then you will realize that it is not so easy to quit if things don’t go your way. However, with mobile casino games, you can just log out and exit from an online site and that’s it. Walking away and coming back to the gambling table has never been this easy and totally with no strings attached.

There are a lot more reasons for you to engage to mobile casino games granted that you have enough time to spare especially if you have a career to manage. It is also important to remember that wagering at mobile casinos can be done for fun and for rewards. Mobile betting should not "eat" the whole days’ time as there are still a lot to pay attention to such as your career or studies and family and friends.

Mobile casinos are made for entertainment and winning’s sake and it should stay that way. A current addiction just like with the other technological gadgets and innovations that have taken the breath away from people who adore that. Mobile casino games betting must be well-regulated and played to be used for its intended purpose.

Monday, 7 May 2012

Mobile Casino Games Easy Strategies

Are you having a hard time to catch your luck on mobile casino games? Maybe you have just misled yourself with some misconceptions and impractical game strategies. If that is the case, then here are some quite important tips that you should bear in mind in order to boost your chances of grabbing jackpot prizes or winning over your competitors in the gambling games you like the most.
Mobile Casino Games

Unlike the real gambling establishments, mobile casinos offer you more flexibility in your gaming schedules. This means that the mobile version of the gambling games allow you to access them virtually anytime you want to make a bet, since all of your favorite mobile casino games fit into a tiny gadget that can be held by your pocket. However, it is very important to discipline yourself in spending your deposits for your mobile betting activity.

Although you are just after the fun provided by these new games, you should also make use of a practical bankroll management in order to maximize the quality of enjoyment that you can get. A practical gambling bankroll management is simply setting a loss limit and a win goal for each of your gaming sessions.

If your loss limit and win goal are both at $20, you should stop playing the games as soon as you have lost or won such amount. Besides, you can switch into the fun game mode if you have reached the said limits but you still want to play more mobile casino games. The fun game mode allows you to play the games without making any bets, but for practicing purposes.

Various types of the gambling games currently offered for the wagering have their own set of strategies. Though it does not mean that you can rely on these strategies, but they can really help you increasing your chances of beating the house winning good prizes and more important, the house cash offered in a form of the mobile casino bonuses.

Pure luck games such as roulettes and mobile slot games have no specific game strategies and the most basic tip is that you have to learn the payout table for different mobile casino slots on offer.  Knowing the odds and house edge of these games can also be an advantage. To avoid impractical betting, you should prefer only such mobile casino games that come with good odds for the players and a low house edge. It is also the best to use small bets during the trial period.

When it comes to the skill games or also called "the games with elements of the gambling skills" such as poker and other card games including blackjack, one good idea is to start with small bets detecting your current luck. In case of a positive swing, you can always increase the amount of your bets. While on the negative swing, you would be able to wait for the positive streak.

Besides, it is advisable, however, to play in the free mode first before wagering for the real money. Practice makes perfect, as they say. As soon as you have mastered the acquired mobile casino games strategy, it is advised to start again with small bets during the actual game. If it works, you have the option to go to larger bets or just stick to small ones.

Friday, 20 April 2012

Mobile Casino Bonuses Grabbing Attention

Mobile Casino Bonuses
Mobile casino bonuses and unprecedented promotions are one of the most exciting things in the mobile world of gambling games. With your internet-enabled handheld gadget, you can use your betting strategies to earn great profits while having a lot of fun during your "dead" hours. To top it all, you have the chance to win as much mobile casino bonuses as you can anytime and anywhere you like as long as there is a strong internet connection for your mobile device.

In the mobile casinos, one of the most the common incentives for grabs and initial deals offered to the new house members is the free cash for wagering. These mobile casino bonuses basically give players free house chips, which can be used as money bets as they get themselves familiar with the various mobile casino games. Each mobile betting site has its own limit and rules on no deposit required incentives they provide.

Mobile casino bonuses are not only for beginners; they are for regular and loyal betting players as well. Among the most common promotions of this kind is the Complementary Points Bonus or also called as Loyalty points, which gets higher as you play the mobile casino games more often. As the name implies, this type of the house incentives can give the mobile betting players complementary points while they wagering on the house games frequently.

These complementary points received can be turned into the mobile casino bonuses or will then be converted into its corresponding real cash amount upon completing the mobile casinos’ wagering rules and conditions. Other than that, the complementary points can also entitle you for a higher VIP level . Earned, thanks to the Complementary Points, High Roller VIP level opens wide great opportunities for a wide range of mobile casino bonuses, promotions, and special privileges.

In some mobile casinos, regular players are offered additional bonuses like ongoing incentives and reload house cash where the bettors can take advantages too. Normally ongoing or reload mobile casino bonuses are not that big as the house cash on the initial deposits ranging between 30 - 50%. However, regular players with a good knowledge of the mobile casino games strategies are able to beat the house to win the incentives.

Besides, some mobile betting site can add 10-15% deposit matching cash each time you make use of the mobile casinos’ alternative payment methods. In this kind of the promotions there is a cap limit of the maximum mobile casino bonuses amount that can be received. That is why it is the important reading the mobile betting sites promotional pages.

Monday, 5 March 2012

Mobile Casino Games Odds Helping To Beat Mobile Casinos

Mobile Casino Games
Betting on the mobile casino games, you may have heard expressions like “beating the odds” or “beating the house edge” in the various gambling games. Even in the mobile version, these expressions are also present and come with significant purpose, which is to get you closer to the mobile casinos jackpot prizes and bonuses. It only means that you have no other better choice but to understand these mobile casino bonus terms and conditions if you want to earn good profits or practically make use of your money deposits while having betting time with the mobile casino games.

To do this, you basically need to keep in your mind that mobile casino games merely require luck, which is a combination of preparation and opportunity. Thus, you have to take time for a quick review on the concept of probabilities or chances as used in mobile casinos.

In the mathematics of probability, mobile casino games odds are defined as the probability that is expressed as the ratio of the number of undesirable events to the number of desirable events. Consider throwing a regular six-faced dice as an example. If you are betting for a three ‘6s’ to face up in a game of 5 throws, the corresponding number of the desirable events would be 3 while those of the undesired events would be 2.

Hence, the resulting odd for the said game would be 3/5, otherwise expressed as “3 is to 5”. You may also consider card games as an example for understanding more of the concept of odds and probability. In the deck of 52 cards, the chance or probability of drawing the type of card that you want - whether it is a card of clubs, spades, hearts, or diamonds - is equal to 13/52, which can be simplified as ¼ using the process of getting the lowest term of a fraction. Consequentially, the corresponding mobile casino games odds for this event would be 39/13 or simply, 3. As you can see, this odd is too high compared to the first example. In most cases, higher odds mean lower chance of beating the game, and the other way around for lower odds. Thus, it follows that you have to carefully choose mobile casinos that feature a list of the gambling games with considerably low game odds.

The house edge, on the other hand, is the mobile casino games parameter that refers to the portion of the money bet that the house will take in each game. For instance, mobile blackjack games are typically offered at a house edge of 1%, provided that players really know the game. With this rating, it simply means that you can get as much as 99% of the money you bet if you are really a skilled mobile blackjack player. In contrast, the California State Lottery has a very high house edge that ranges from 48% to 51%, which in return, gives you only between 52% and 49% chance of earning good profit. That is why if you want to beat mobile casinos, you must also take time to make sure that the mobile casino games you opt for have low house edge.

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Mobile Casino Games Betting Adventure Begins Here

Mobile Casino Games
Mobile casino games are stunning for the mobile betting on the move. You’ve seen it on the Internet, you’ve seen it among your friends and you have read it somewhere. Now you must be probably thinking, “What are these mobile casinos and why are people so caught up with it?” But you could not blame them, you know. There are lots of good things that you can find favorable and addictive about mobile casino games that are just hiding right under your nose.

For starters, mobile casinos have on offer stunning interactive video games which are the mobile version of the online gambling games which are the mobile versions of the real ones. They are revamped and improved games that are designed to fit into the small screens of your phone with crystal clear graphics. Having a smart phone and an internet connection are the only things mobile casino games players need to start playing them.

Now that you have these two things needed to jump starting the mobile casinos gaming experience, you can now choose a site to enter. In this case, you will have to browse it through a computer and apply for an account then subscribe to the mobile version. As you subscribe, the site will be sending you the link of the mobile casino version to your phone so you can start playing it on your device.

Now that you have entered a mobile casino’s site, your adventure starts by choosing a game of your choice. Now, since you are still a newbie to the world of mobile gambling, you can just start off by joining rooms or games and betting while you are still trying to get the hang of it. After you have finally learned the game, then you can wager on your own and win as many games as possible. Mobile casino’s players can win by defeating the house some really nice amount of cash.

If you are thinking of ways on how you can win, then do not worry as there are lots of mobile casino games secrets unveiled on the web where you can read and learn how to wager like a pro. In this industry, experience really is the key aside from luck. As a neophyte, you will also find winning as a very overwhelming experience. Imagine the casino paying you real cash the moment you have defeated it, rewarding right? Winning money just by playing on your phone: that’s the magnet that pulls players into playing mobile casino games.

However, one must take note that if winning is possible, then so is losing. Be careful not to be hasty in playing by trying to "get back" what you lost. Know when to stop and know your spending limit. Winning is good since it is a game, but if you are losing lots of money that what you earn, then it could turn into a huge problem afterwords.

The adventure of mobile casino games is such an exciting experience. It can give you an extra profit by playing with lesser risks compared to real casinos. Guided by self-control, constantly winning in this field can be easy than expected. It has a particular lure that you will only understand once you are already one of the people whose eyes cannot be taken off the mobile screen. Now, after playing, do you still doubt why your friends can’t keep their hands off their devices for some reason?

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Mobile Casino Games To Wager Mobile Casino Bonus

Mobile Casino Games
Mobile casino games created by the software developers are boosting the mobile betting on the move. Las Vegas is where gambling establishments were first known. It was known to be the city that never sleeps with the cliché that goes “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”. Whatever people do in Vegas is something related to fun and it was known to be the city of entertainment. One way or another, perhaps you have dreamt of having your ultimate Las Vegas experience where you can just simply click goblets with strangers, bet off all of your money, party until the sun rises and retire your tired body to a sophisticated bed in a fancy hotel suite. Now, going all Vegas-style fun easy, well you might not totally be in Vegas, and you are not drinking liqueur with a stranger or go to a pub. However, the experience of waging your money is what’s important. After all, it was gambling that made Vegas into what it is now.

Mobile casino games are the dream land for those who want to experience gambling in Las Vegas but do not have the luxury of time and budget to ride a plane and travel to Vegas. These games are the virtual versions of the real thing which allows a player to enter mobile casinos websites that provide the mobile games such as poker, black jack, 21, roulette, craps and other Vegas favorites.

To enter start playing the mobile casino games of your dream, what you need to do is to simply own an Internet-enabled phone and a stable Internet connection and you are all set to embark on a wagering and betting nonstop. In case you are wondering about mobile casino games sites that you can join, you will be surprised and ecstatic to discover that there are actually thousands of mobile casinos operating all over the world. To get rid of the head ache of choosing which one is the best for you, then you should consider two things; one is the reputation of the gambling establishment and the other is the mobile casino bonus promotions.

Since there are lots of mobile gambling houses out there and you do not want to stress yourself to find out which is good and not, then the best thing to do is look for reviews. This will give you an idea of how good a mobile casino is, how many players it has and how long has it been in operation. Of course you would want to have one that is trusted by many players because you are playing against them all for money and nothing else.

Second, the mobile casino bonus promotions must be provided aplenty. There are a lot of generous bonuses-givers among the mobile casinos and all you have to do is know which one gives the most. You can find out about it by joining forums and asking pro players and enthusiast about the mobile gambling houses that give the best and the lucrative mobile casino bonus promotions that you can use to wager and bet in playing.

Truly the land of dream, the marks and footprints of Las Vegas gambling reverberates and reflects through mobile phones nowadays and everyone can enter their dream casino mobile games and play all to their heart’s extent.

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Todays Mobile Casino Bonus Promotions Are Tomorrows Extra Cash

Mobile Casino Bonus
Mobile casino bonus promotions are the most important house incentives that can increase the odds against the house. “A penny saved is a penny earned.” However, a penny spent for mobile casino games is already a multiplied of dollars earned. As mobile casinos came into the scene, more and more mobile users are getting hooked in the mobile betting on the go option. With real money involved, wagers can place their bets and win an assortment of jackpot and prizes, whenever and wherever they are.

Starters are welcomed by giving them mobile casino bonus promotions that act as their initial money so they wouldn’t need to shell out their own bucks or their deposits will instantly multiply. These mobile casino bonuses used by the online gambling industry as a promotional tool for new players. The incentives are constantly enticing and attracting bettors making the software program a clear hit. These mobile casino bonuses will be the player’s important incentives and, technically, his key in entering the world of mobile gambling.

As the mobile casinos differ in features, functions and game selection, players can also accumulate loads of profitable mobile casino bonus promotions. They can access ten to twenty mobile games from the casino mobiles that they chose to play at, bet the bonuses given and win real hard cash instantly. Gaming sites also give reload mobile casino bonuses, which are generated by making regular deposits or by using an alternative payment mode, and special bonus promotions, such as weekend mobile casino bonus.

Now that technology is more progressive than ever, gambling games that can be played in the real brick and mortar casino houses are now available in simplified version that can be downloaded for mobile gaming purposes. One can find mobile blackjack, craps, keno and baccarat, roulette and other casino games that can be downloaded and played to a supported mobile phone.

Since the mobile casino games are relatively new, as other software programs are already on the virtual deck in the beginning of internet, game developers are continuously offering a variety of mobile casino bonuses of varying amounts. These incentives can be 100 to 500 percent match deposit bonus which could mean monetary value from $100 to $5,000. Other gambling house do not require any deposit to their account and still give mobile casino bonus promotions to players between $5 and $20.

Whatever amount mobile casinos give players, the free house chips are still great incentives for one who wants to engage in it. A bettor can use it wisely by learning the game strategies and tricks, continuously waging and incorporating the necessary luck and skills in order to win. Prizes that has already been given away includes money vouchers, gift checks, and monetary winnings from $10 to a whopping $15,000.

As young generation is constantly on the move and looking for convenience, mobile casino games will give them the pleasure that they wanted as well as the instant extra cash through the exciting mobile casino bonus promotions.